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Booking Policy


a. The Company may require the Users attempting to make bookings/ reservations at the Accommodations to make full or part advance payment of the tariffs and other charges. The credit card, debit card, bank account or other similar mode of payment of the Users will be charged such full or part advance payment as indicated on the Accommodation’s final payment page on the Website at the time of the booking/reservation. The availability and the tariffs and other charges stated on the listing page and/or final payment page are indicative and the actual tariffs and availability can only be confirmed after Sangoldagreenz has received the payment. 

b. You hereby agree and acknowledge that the tariffs and other charges for Accommodations stated on the Website are subject to change at the respective Accommodation's discretion and Sangoldagreenz shall not be responsible for any increase/change in the tariffs and other charges provided by Accommodation. 

Booking Confirmation / Non-availability/ cancellation/ dishonor of booking/reservation

a. The check-in Voucher will be provided to you at least 36 hours prior to check-in or within 4 hours from the time of your making the payment to Sangoldagreenz where the date of check-in is less than 48 hours from the time of your making the payment to Sangoldagreenz. The time period stated above is a best effort estimate and Sangoldagreenz shall not be liable due to non-provision of check-in Voucher within the stated time. 

b. In case of the requested Accommodation not being available for your requested stay duration or in case of the cancellation/dishonoring of your confirmed booking by the Accommodation except in accordance with these Terms of Use, Sangoldagreenz will make efforts to find other Accommodations in the same city that are available for the requested stay duration and you may be accordingly intimated. If you agree to take such alternate Accommodation (and agree to bear the increase in tariffs and other charges applicable thereto, if any), a new invoice will be generated for such alternate Accommodation and you will be deemed to have originally requested for such Accommodation and the provisions of these Terms of Use shall apply accordingly. If you decide to cancel such request for booking/reservation because of non-availability/cancellation/dishonoring of the requested Accommodation as above, then the whole amount paid by you to Sangoldagreenz for such booking/reservation will be refunded to you as per our refund policy.